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  1. emmy insider
    ‘What Will I Do Without That Guy?’As the end of Better Call Saul approaches, Giancarlo Esposito wants more time with Gus Fring.
  2. the festival circuit
    A Wellies-Free Review of Glastonbury 2022When you can’t go to England’s biggest festival in person, you dance at home alone to Yves Tumor and order Goan fish curry for delivery.
  3. comedy review
    Welcome Back to John Early and Kate Berlant’s Absurd DuetWould It Kill You to Laugh? is a monument to surrealist queer pettiness, standing high atop a foundation of incredible comedic harmony.
  4. q+a
    Robin S. Is Riding the Wave of Beyoncé’s ‘Break My Soul’“‘Show Me Love’ is my legacy. And Beyoncé thought of me enough to be a part of my legacy.”
  5. urgent reconsideration
    Atlanta Season Three Was a Bad TripAfter a four-year break, Donald Glover’s FX series returned unsure of what it wanted to say. Four Vulture writers and critics try to make sense of it.
  6. comedy writing
    For Kevin Iso, Interesting Beats FunnyTalking Flatbush Misdemeanors and That Damn Michael Che with the comedian and writer.
  7. exit interview
    Peter Strickland Wants the Work That Hacks Are Getting“I don’t see hack as a dirty word,” says the director of Flux Gourmet, an empathetic look at the cost of good art and the perils of human digestion.
  8. shake rattle and roll
    Onscreen Elvises, RankedIt’s hard not to get lost inside an impression when playing the King.
  9. behind the seams
    7 Essential Rules for Dressing RuPaulEmmy-winning designer Zaldy breaks down what goes into outfitting the Drag Race diva, from silhouette to “stretch, stretch, stretch.”
  10. rebecca is a food critic now
    KFC’s Jack Harlow Meal Is Finger-Lickin’ Mid“Turn my haters to consumers”? Honey, you’ve got it the wrong way ’round.
  11. awards shows
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the Las Culturistas Culture AwardsHigh: Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the Tayla Swiff Award.
  12. superlatives
    The Most Ambitious and Cinematic of Duran Duran, According to John and Nick“We were part of a vanguard that really changed people’s lives.”
  13. tv review
    The Bear Never Stops MovingThe energy and stress of a busy kitchen fuels this instantly compelling, tense, beautiful new series.
  14. album review
    Drake Is Still on VacationHonestly, Nevermind is frictionless — a geographical shift ushered in as comfortingly as possible.
  15. in conversation
    Laura Linney Resists InterpretationThe actress lives for the stage, loves film crews, and treasures her co-stars. Just don’t ask her about the ending of Ozark. 
  16. comedy review
    Joel Kim Booster Mocks (and Craves) RelatabilityIn Psychosexual, the comedian goes meta. But he’s still a hot gay comedy goof.
  17. backstories
    The Bartees Strange Guide to Defying Genre“I always wanted to be everything, until I realized I am everything.”
  18. profile
    In Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, Yola Becomes Her Own HeroWhat would rock and roll — or all of music — be without its architect Sister Rosetta Tharpe? For starters, no Yola.
  19. encounter
    Renée Elise Goldsberry, a Diva 5EvaRiffs, car crêpes, and a last-minute substitution with the multitasking theater star turned sitcom breakout.
  20. guides
    A Brief History of the Club Music Drake Attempts on Honestly, NevermindHow did Baltimore club make its way, three decades later, into Drake’s Canadian hands? The clues were all there.
  21. the library is open
    Put Down the Juneteenth Ice Cream and Pick Up These 15 BooksA reading list for America’s latest greeting-card category.
  22. movie review
    Good Luck to You, Leo Grande Makes a Joyous Case on Behalf of Sex WorkEmma Thompson stars as a middle-aged widow trying to figure out whether sexual pleasure has passed her by in this generous drama debuting on Hulu.
  23. a long talk
    Regina Spektor, Before and AfterThe singer-songwriter on her new album, processing pain, and spotting demons.
  24. movie review
    Chris Hemsworth’s Career-Best Performance Elevates Netflix’s SpiderheadTop Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski’s futuristic prison thriller is bizarre, thoughtful, and surprisingly funny.
  25. good one podcast
    Liz Meriwether Needed to Write New Girl to Make Sense of Elizabeth Holmes“I never wanted the jokes to allow the audience to distance themselves from Elizabeth.”
  26. 1.5x speed
    Let Draymond Green PodcastThe NBA star’s show is way more fun than traditional sport media.
  27. movie review
    The Problem With Lightyear Is Not the “Origin Story” It TellsHow do you make a good version of a movie that, in the context of the animated universe Pixar has created, sounds pretty bad?
  28. book review
    Ottessa Moshfegh Is Praying for UsThe author has been hailed as a high priestess of filth. Really, she wants to purify her readers.
  29. endings
    Let’s Discuss Borgen’s Unsurprising Surprise EndingOn paper, Power & Glory’s final move is the least shocking twist the revival season could’ve offered. So why does it feel so unreal?
  30. theater review
    Circle Jerk, Now in the FleshPlus a two-part art-world sitcom: Weekend at Barry’s/Lesbian Lighthouse.
  31. the festival circuit
    A Review of Every Single Act at Gov Ball 2022Three days, 64 performers, and a whole lot of spon-con.
  32. respect the hands
    Jurassic World’s Raptor Hands Make SenseIt’s the continued misunderstanding of velociraptors that’s ridiculous.
  33. close reads
    E.T. and Close Encounters Told the Same Sad Story From Different EyesLooked at one way, they’re companion pieces: One tells the story of a father who leaves, and the other stays with the family he left behind.
  34. tonys 2022
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2022 Tony AwardsBig night for two Michael Jacksons.
  35. tonys 2022
    Here Are the Winners of the 2022 Tony AwardsWho will be rounding out their EGOTs?
  36. movie review
    Hustle Is Pure Adam Sandler Wish FulfillmentSandler’s sincere performance helps sell this Netflix sports drama, which sometimes feels like a party the actor gave so he could meet his heroes.
  37. tv review
    For All Mankind Season 3 Navigates Heady Highs and Cavernous LowsA race to colonize Mars brings out the alternate-history series’ best qualities amid some maddening missteps.
  38. backstories
    How Paula Pell’s Knee Replacement Led to Girls5eva’s Property Brother BeatdownIt all started with a collapsed implant and Drew Scott’s personal fight reel.
  39. movie review
    The Jurassic World Trilogy Has Painted Itself Into a CornerThe only wow factor in Jurassic World: Dominion is the awesome depth of its failure.
  40. album review
    Post Malone Is Going Through ChangesTwelve Carat Toothache dreams of a future where Post Malone can discuss what’s on his mind instead of what may be coursing through his bloodstream.
  41. superlatives
    Mandy Moore on Her Best and Most Cringeworthy Music“I mean, I wish I had the money to refund people, but of course, that was the one that sold more than anything else. So sorry about that!”
  42. underrated
    The Wrong Guy Is the Right Choice for Fans of IdiocracyReggie Watts breaks down why the 1997 Dave Foley comedy is perfect for those who appreciate high-level stupidity.
  43. let’s dance
    How Kenny Loggins Cut ‘Footloose’It involved broken ribs, a failed Flashdance audition, and a songwriting session in a laundry room.
  44. tv review
    Ms. Marvel’s Enthusiasm Is InfectiousIt has been too long since the MCU had a proper coming-of-age tale, and this confident, focused miniseries rises to the occasion.
  45. book review
    A Memoir of Prison Time, Delivered With a Note of ApologyIn Corrections in Ink, Keri Blakinger writes about the years of addiction and incarceration she lived through before becoming a reporter.
  46. art review
    Yu-Wen Wu’s Algorithmic Odyssey Around the WorldA brilliant work on the immigrant experience, courtesy of a glitch in the Matrix.
  47. finales
    Under the Banner of Heaven Was No MysteryIt was the patriarchy all along.
  48. encounter
    Sonic YouthsIn Chicago with Horsegirl, the teen rock trio behind one of the year’s most confident albums.
  49. tonys 2022
    A Strange 20-Year Loop to BroadwayFrom the porn studio to the Tony Awards.
  50. profile
    Silly Little FreakoThe “Megan Stalter character” is its own comedy genre now. Where does the real person end and her personae begin?
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